2016 Rio Olympics Coverage - would like to learn more about this beautiful sport?
Wednesday, August 17, 2016 at 11:15PM
Kriszti Mills

--> Participants : 

 -Individual : 2 places for Russia, 2 for Belarus, 1 for Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaidjan, Israel, United States, Spain, Bulgaria, Korea, France, Greece, Japan

 - Groups : Russia, Bulgaria, Spain, Italy, Japan, Israel, Belarus, China, United States, Ukraine, Germany, Uzbekistan, Greece, Brazil.

 --> Startlist : http://www.figdocs.com/Media/Rio_2016/Draws/GR_2016_OG_Rio_de_Janeiro_Drawing_of_lots_e.pdf 


--> Livestream : 

- www.rio.zdf.de (choose livestream) 

- https://www.youtube.com/user/olympic (Not for every country)

- http://rio2016.francetvsport.fr/direct-replay/index.html  (You just have to choose the day and the event. Every single event of the Olympics is broadcasted here )



August 19th :

10h20-13h20 : Individual Qualifications Rotation 1 (Hoop and Ball) 

14h50-17h50 : Individual Qualifications Rotation 2 (Clubs and Ribbon) 

(Top 10 is qualified for the AA Final, where the Olympic Podium will be decided)  


August 20th : 

10h-11h10 : Groups Qualifications 5 ribbons 

12h40-13h50 : Groups Qualifications 6/2 Clubs Hoops

(Top 8 is qualified for the AA Group Final where the Olympic Podium will be decided) 

15h20-17h45 : Individual AA Final 


August 21st : 

11h-12h45 : Groups AA Finals




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